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Painting Company Orlando

Top Contractor AwardFor the past 15 years, we have been the painting company of choice for many homeowners throughout Orlando and the surrounding areas of Central Florida. We take pride in being able to provide a variety of professional painting services to our customers.

Interior, Exterior House Painting
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House Painting

We provide house painting in Orlando for both exterior and interior surfaces. Our painting company is dedicated to providing you with quality service as well as a great price. Our house painter provides specialty paint, such as interior faux, as well as concrete staining. If you have a home that looks drab, or are planning to remodel, painting the interior and exterior is a must. House painting will bring back that "new" look to your home. Speak to a representative of our company today for a free estimate and consultation of your home.

When we come out to start the work, we first must prepare the surface (this is just as important for interior painting as it is for the exterior work). We patch up any flaws in the wall surface, cover all furniture, floors and plants, and remove all electrical outlet covers and switch plates. We apply a coat of primer and follow that with the paint itself, and of course handle all cleanup afterward.

Exterior Painter

We have extensive, exterior house painting experience. During our first visit with you, our exterior painter will evaluate the job, discuss some of the options with you, and provide you with a detailed written estimate. On the day we begin work, our painting company will start by giving your house a good bath by pressure washing away all dirt and any other surface debris. This insures that the paint will adhere nicely to the surface. Before applying any paint, we apply a primer coat. This allows the paint to adhere to the surface more securely, and it also acts as a nice sealant to protect the surface. Following that, we apply the paint itself to the entire exterior of your home. When the project is completed and the clean up phase is finished, your home will have that “new” look again.

Interior Painter

Painting Company OrlandoWe also do a lot of interior house painting. Whether you have one room to do, or the every room in the house, our interior painter is ready to take on the job. Our painting company offers advice on which type of paint would be best for a room, and we can help you choose colors (although the final choice is obviously up to you). We will also estimate how much paint will be needed, and provide you with a detailed estimate on the total cost and when we can complete the work.

Concrete Staining

You probably have some concrete on your property, such as a pool deck, a walkway, a patio, or your driveway. In most cases, concrete on its own is rather drab looking. Painting the concrete only provides a temporary fix, because the paint will eventually peel and then you just have to paint it again. Concrete stain, for many of our customers, is a better option. When the stain is applied, it seeps into the pores of the concrete and actually changes its color (instead of just coating the surface, as paint would do). The concrete takes on a whole new and improved look, and the stain also acts as an additional sealant against the effects of the weather and constant exposure to the sun. So the concrete has a nicer appearance, and it will last longer.

Orlando Interior Painting

Drywall Repair

You might have a section of drywall that has gotten wet due to a leaky roof or water that has leaked from your central air conditioning system. Or perhaps you have a section of wall that has been damaged due to some other type of accident. We can repair the drywall in all of these situations. We also specialize in texturizing the drywall – many of our customers prefer to have a knockdown or orange peel texture on their walls, and we do both of them frequently. We can also repair ceiling seams that are starting to come down (this is most commonly seen in garages).

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