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      Drywall Repair Orlando

      Drywall repair in Orlando is almost unavoidable in the life of a house. The good news is that our expertise goes far beyond a “patch and paint”. We fix your damage so that there is no indication it was ever there. This kind of seamless repair requires professionals with our years of experience.

      Drywall Repair Orlando

      Drywall Repair Service

      Experts recommend against doing it yourself; (in fact, we are often called in to “repair the repair”). Common mistakes we find include too much putty; not enough compound; no use of mesh; inadequate sanding; skipping the sealing step; and a clear lack of patience! Of course you want it fixed fast. The practiced techniques of our crews give you efficient work and results in less time than many customers imagine.

      Top five reasons for professional drywall repair in Orlando

      1. Large gouges (often from moving furniture)
      2. Cracks and dents
      3. Loose tape joints and exposed nail heads
      4. Small, deep holes (perhaps from picture hanging)
      5. Water damage – puckered and rippled drywall paper

      Drywall Matching Paint

      Because drywall repair in Orlando is only one of our extensive painting contractor services, we have the resources to match paint color perfectly and to blend it expertly. It’s not enough to make a flat, seamless drywall repair. Our painting experience is the critical finishing step to ensure the “invisible” results you expect from professionals. If an entire wall or room requires repainting, you have a trusted contractor you already know, providing service in your home.

      Textured walls

      If you have textured walls, you’ll get a restoration beyond expectations. If you want texturing to add dash to your drywall, we offer you several options:

      Knockdown: the name has to do with what we do after the texture mud is applied. Not every firm doing drywall repair in Orlando will do knockdown, because it isn’t a simple process. We love it, and do it often.

      Orange Peel: If you think of the outside of an orange, you’ll get a good image of what your wall will look like with this texturing. We also texture ceilings!

      Don’t live with damage. We mentioned that drywall damage is almost unavoidable. Here’s why: One wrong move with a piece of furniture and you get a gouge. Kids being kids scrape, dent and splash drywall. A careless delivery or moving man will leave damage behind. Houses naturally settle, causing cracks. Nail and tape at the joints also loosen for this reason. And water leaks are a major reason folks call for drywall repair in Orlando.

      We also mentioned that this is a do-it-yourself project that often goes badly. It is usually because the proper tools are an investment and homeowners try to cut corners. Ask yourself: do you have all the tools and materials?

      • Fiberglass mesh
      • Dry wall compound
      • Drywall boards
      • Sand paper (150 grit)
      • Drywall screws
      • Wood strips
      • Repair mesh
      • Screw gun
      • Keyhole saw
      • Drywall taping knife
      • Putty knife
      • Mud pan
      • Utility knife
      • Carpenters square

      Do you want to buy all of this for one or two mars or gouges? Call for our professional drywall repair in Orlando. We specialize in limiting any disruption to your life while we do our work. And we insist on complete cleanup.

      We provide drywall repair in Orlando and surrounding areas.