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      Painting Services Orlando

      Our painting services in Orlando don't begin when we apply paint. It begins when we apply our dedicated customer service. Our interior & exterior painting service offers a wide array of home beautification possibilities, with master workmanship you will not find everywhere. We know you have a choice when it comes to the painting company you hire. Call us today for a free estimate and see the difference!

      Painting Services Orlando

      Your wide range of beautification choices include:

      • Interior painting and painting prep
      • Exterior painting and preparation
      • We repair drywall on walls and ceilings
      • Concrete staining for permanent color
      • Pressure washing of home siding
      • Orange peel or knockdown texturing for walls and ceiling
      • Apartment and condo association painting

      Residential Painting Service

      Whether you are planning to stay in your home or sell it, using our residential painter to give it a face-lift will be an investment worth making. As much time as you spend at your home, it isn’t always obvious that your paint is faded, dirty and outdated.

      If you plan to sell your home, painting in neutral colors can help prospective buyers picture their belongings in the rooms and make it easier for them to imagine how they would decorate. If you plan to stay in your home, our painters can help you express your style with interior and exterior painting.

      An accurate assessment of our residential painting services depends on five factors:

      1. In-home and on-site measuring
      2. Review of the condition of the surfaces to be painted (amount of repair needed)
      3. Settling on a choice of paint and number of gallons
      4. The size of interior rooms or the total exterior square footage and number of stories on your home
      5. Determination of the timeline (labor) for finishing your project

      Our painting services are provided exclusively by master painters. There’s a unique satisfaction to painting, and you’ll see that pride and purpose in their work. Call us today!

      Exterior Painting Service

      If you need a quick and affordable boost for your curb appeal, hiring a professional exterior painter is the answer. The weather takes its toll on exterior paint over time, causing it to chip, peel and sag. The hot Orlando sun beating down may have caused it to fade. And the humidity could be causing mildew or mold growth. Our exterior house painters can completely restore your home to its former glory.

      Exterior painting begins with a clean surface. We believe modern power washing is the most effective method to remove peeling paint and mold. Next, any imperfections or faults in the siding are repaired and sanded. Priming will ensure the paint bonds with the surface, and a primer seal stains. We don't spare the caulk! This is the best time to give a seamless look near joints, and to address minor but pesky drafts. When the exterior is prepared to our exacting standards, our painter will use world class brands of paint, deliver on-time, on-target results. Call us today!

      Residential Painting Service Orlando

      Interior Painting Service

      The first step to any interior painter will make is to discuss with the homeowner the results they want. Do you like the general color scheme you have but need them refreshed? We can color match. Do you feel like the palette you have is totally outdated and needs something new and exciting? We’re up-to-date on all the interior house painting trends in the Orlando area. We are happy to come over and talk with you about your project and give you a free estimate. Then, the only thing you need to do is enjoy your newly-painted walls when the job is finished.

      Whether you have one room to paint, or the every room in the house, our interior painter can handle the job. Our painters offer advice on which type of paint would be best for a room, and we can help you choose colors (although the final choice is obviously up to you). We will also estimate how much paint will be needed, and provide you with a detailed estimate on the total cost and when we can complete the work.

      We provide interior and exterior painting services in Orlando and nearby areas.