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      Exterior Stucco Painting Orlando

      When you need exterior stucco painting in Orlando, call us. We are very experienced with the special techniques that can be used to treat your stucco and protect your home from water damage. Call our painting company now for a free quote!

      Exterior Stucco Painting Orlando

      Exterior Stucco Painting Service

      Before we begin painting your stucco exterior we check for any other damage that needs to be cleaned or repaired, such as stains, nail pops, cracked or rotted wood, and any further damage to the stucco, or textured masonry.

      Many times you will find settlement cracks along your stucco exterior. This is to be expected in Florida. Before painting we use an elastomeric patching compound over each crack. This helps to seal the crack, smooth the surface, and lessen the visibility of the crack in the textured masonry.

      You may also want to look into waterproofing your home, which goes beyond the normal exterior paint and coats the entire surface with an elastomeric coating from Sherwin Williams. This is a costly process, but one that will provide peace of mind for years to come. Bear in mind that Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Exterior is also a wonderful choice for your exterior stucco painting and that this product carries a 25 year durability warranty from the manufacturer.

      We do exterior stucco painting in Orlando and all surrounding areas in Central Florida.