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      Interior Faux Painting Orlando

      A great way to add a creative twist to the inside of your home interior would be to consider interior faux painting. We can do a simple yet elegant texture of layered colors on a wall, using rags, sponges, feathers, or many other different kinds of applicators. The possibilities are endless. Call our Orlando painting company today to learn more about our faux painting service. Free estimate!

      Interior Faux Painting Orlando

      Interior Faux Painting Service

      The choice of color layers is topped off by a glaze layer, giving it that ultimate finished look. So, when you take a look at your room in a fresh way, without furniture, you may pick out areas that would look great with faux finishing or interior faux painting. You may pick contrasting colors with the furniture you will choose, along with some faux work on any architectural features such as columns.

      Crown molding and wainscot accents can be added at this point as well. Our Interior faux painters can also design your area to look like something else. Faux actually means “fake” which is how this technique got started. Want your wall to look like a marble slab? Put our faux finishing artist to work!

      When making choices for your home interior faux painting, you may also ask for sample boards. This will help insure the quality of the work and clarify your expectations of what can be accomplished.

      Interior Faux Painting Service Orlando

      Seven Layers of Design

      When you are creating a new look for your home interior, you will want to consider the walls as one of the Seven Layers of Design, as taught by Christopher Lowell. Layer #1 for home interior design is Paint and Architecture.

      “Also included in the first layer is paint. However, choosing wall color is the number one fear in home design. Take time to find the most neutral shade that goes with everything you love and that works as a background to which you'll add six more layers. Neutral doesn't mean beige! From palest to deepest, every color has its most neutral shade.

      When choosing paint color, select the medium shade on the paint strip for the walls, the color that is two shades lighter for the ceiling if it's under 9 feet high or one shade darker than the wall color if it's over 9 feet and the lightest shade on the strip for the trim. Paint is the most inexpensive way to add warmth to your room.” -Christopher Lowell

      When I chose colors for our interior, I was encouraged to choose bold colors, by Christopher Lowell’s suggestions. We have one wall in the living room which stretches over into a partition for the kitchen on the other side. I decided to make an accent wall for this side of our living room and paint the kitchen the same color. It came out great!

      We offer interior faux painting in Orlando and nearby cities.