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      Painting Process Orlando

      A painting process in Orlando actually has many different duties. Sometimes the people I talk to assume that my primary (or only) job is to come in and cover your house (or the walls of a room) with a coat of paint. As a professional interior and exterior painting contractor, I do much more than that. Here are some of the things you can expect from me:

      Painting Process Orlando

      • I will check out the interior walls or the exterior of the house to evaluate the condition of the surface(s)
      • I will discuss with you what type of paint is best for your particular job. This is determined by the durability of various paint types, your budget, how the paint will be applied, and other factors. Painting contractors should know the right questions to ask to determine which type of paint is most suitable.
      • I will provide a complete written estimate. If you are talking to a painting contractor and he only gives you a verbal estimate, or a written one that is vague, be very careful. The estimates we provide are always on paper, and are very detailed as to the total cost and how long the job will take.
      • I will help you with choosing colors, matching a new paint color with a complementary trim, and even mixing colors if necessary. I will also order the paint.
      • On the first day when work begins, my job as your painting contractor is to make sure that the surface is prepared to accept the paint. For an exterior, this means pressure washing, removing any loose paint, and applying a good primer as a sealant. For interior walls, we may need to strip off older paint or remove wallpaper, fill in or repair holes in the drywall, sand down any spots that need it, and again apply a first primer coat so that the paint adheres nicely to the surface.
      • Of course, before any painting begins, I will make sure that the floor, furniture and anything else in the room is protected from any paint. We are very careful, but paint does drip sometimes; that’s why we have drop cloths everywhere we are working.
      • I will apply the paint! I’m the painting contractor and the owner of my business, so I do oversee my crews that do the work, but many times I am working right there beside them with a brush or roller.
      • After the painting work is done, the cleanup work begins. To me, this is just as important as any other part of the job. When we leave your room or your house, there are only two things we want to make sure we leave behind: fresh paint on the walls, and a big smile on your face. When you are happy with me as your painting contractor, you will tell your friends and our reputation will continue to grow.

      Orlando Painting ContractorSometimes you might be tempted to just try and paint a room yourself (or maybe even the entire exterior of your home). Look again at that lists of tasks that a painting contractor will take care of for you. Do you really want to handle all of that yourself? We are licensed, insured, and have the experience of having performed many jobs. We can make sure that your painting job goes smoothly and that you end up with a professional result that you can be proud of.

      Call us to learn more about our interior and exterior painting process in Orlando and all surrounding areas in Central Florida.